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Smartphone Image/Video Editing Course

Become a professional image & video editor with just your smartphone.


Profit with WhatsApp

Learn how to generate high quality, pocket deep Lamborghini clients who have the money to buy your products & services. Save 1000 contacts in bulk with their real names and eliminate stress with WhatsApp Robot Responders.

Product Video Creation Blueprint

Product Videos Creation Blueprint

Learn how to create attention-grabbing product videos for selling more of your physical products.





Profit with AI-Video Content Models – PACM


Pinpoint Targeting Hack

How to target your dream buyer audience on Facebook and Instagram with pinpoint accuracy.  A special top secret I received from my Facebook assigned marketing expert. 


Secure Online Academy Blueprint – SOAB

Secure Online Academy Blueprint (SOAB) a (less than 5Hrs) video course to help you build your online academy in 45 Minutes with all tools included.

Smoking Hot

AutoSave Contact Blueprint – ACB

Discover the AutoSave Secret of Top Millionaire Affiliate & Internet Marketers, click on the START AUTOSAVING LEADS button to see how it works.

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I got the WhatsApp E-commerce Store. The course was very comprehensive and easy to understand. The instructor made sure he is giving the information in a way that won't confuse you and also availaible on WhatsApp chat for anything else. Thank you so much for this great 5 star course.
Benstephen Ashie
CEO, Ad-Age Concepts
I am much grateful Pelaiah. I really got value from buying your course. I thank God for the grace and wisdom upon your life. You're the best.
Anyomi Victor
Knowledge never wasted, thanks for leading me through the journey. I am super excited sir, my money was never a waste, God bless you.
Queen Dominic
CEO, Kas Signatures
Love your work sir. I have nominated you on the CEO Global Awards for Titans Building Nations - under the tech sector for young entrepreneurs. This is really great work
Lynn Richards
CEO, Rubixcube Digital
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